Gold / Engraved Blazer Buttons for Blazer Jackets

If you are just like most guys, maybe you don’t find it exciting at all to shop for a new blazer.  After all, many blazers you can purchase off the rack aren’t that different from those men you can see walking down the streets. Well, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Getting custom made blazer jackets with gold or engraved blazer buttons will surely make you stand out from other men out there.  Custom blazer jackets give you the chance to pick everything, from the material, to the cut, lining up to the smallest details such as the buttons.

But, you should know that choosing blazer buttons might not be as obvious and simple as you probably think it is. In fact, there are many notable differences between high quality custom gold/engraved blazer buttons like those available at from the average custom blazer buttons that you can find out there.

However, if you are willing and ready to do a bit of research, you will find a lot of exciting and attractive custom buttons for any type of blazer you have.

It doesn’t matter if you want have a pitch black blazer perfect for a more formal event or a simple navy blue blazer for a romantic date night out, custom gold/engraved blazer buttons can make a big difference without any doubt.

You can use this short guide on how to customize your blazer buttons:

  • You can go for a classic club stripe blazer button in red and navy perfect for your nautical-inspired blue blazer that will look perfect in this 21st century. This kind of blazer button also goes well with blazer jackets with darker patterns because they add a pop of color to your jacket without an over the top appearance.
  • A textured custom blazer button is simple enough to give off a tad of additional texture that will set your blazer jacket apart from the rest. This kind of button can look great on almost all blazers, from gray to navy to taupe, khaki or black as long as you pair them with the right pair of pants.
  • A certified classic pattern, the fleur de lys is most commonly seen on clothes but rarely on buttons. Although it might seem like this pattern is somewhat too loud, black enamel blazer buttons can be understated once you opt for a front-only option. They also go with small sleeve buttons. You can use these buttons to accentuate your black evening blazer jacket.
  • If you are looking for a basic blazer button that can pop up a bit more, gold /engraved blazer buttons will be able to do just that. These buttons are so sparkly that the person you are talking to can even use them as a mirror if he wants. The beauty of these custom blazers is that they can draw attention with no need to look too bold. Gold blazer buttons are the perfect pair for chocolate blazers or navy blazers with a tad of attitude.